Collette Health Debuts Three Major Platform Enhancements at AONL 2024 Conference to Increase Patient Safety

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New all-in-one wall mount device, EMR integration, and “follow patient” features will allow care from anywhere

NOBLESVILLE, Ind., April 9, 2024 — Collette Health, a leading provider of continuous virtual patient observation solutions, announced today at the 2024 American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) Conference three new major platform enhancements to increase patient safety and allow care from anywhere. The features include:

  • A new all-in-one hardware device designed for every room application that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling providing a smaller footprint and reducing costs.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) integration that streamlines data entry and documentation and improves data accuracy.
  • A new “follow patient” feature, which uses human-centric AI and machine learning (ML), allows a virtual observer to maintain visual contact with each patient even as the patient moves throughout the room.

These significant updates demonstrate Collette Health’s commitment to listening to customers on the front lines of care and meeting the rapidly and ever-evolving needs of nurses and nurse leadership.

“This is a major milestone for Collette Health, and we’re proud to unveil and introduce these new features at AONL in front of thousands of nursing leaders,” said Christine Gall, Chief Nursing Officer at Collette Health. “These are tools that clinicians said they need, and we prioritize that feedback as we innovate and update our solutions. Collette Health extends the reach of bedside nurses beyond the patient they are currently caring for to ensure that all their patients at risk for adverse events remain safe. The increased touch points with their virtual observer improve the patient experience; feeling cared for and cared about. And for nurses, the use of observer resources gives them better control of their workflows by reducing patient use of the call light.”

All-in-one hardware device

Collette Health’s new fixed-observation system supports greater patient safety by enabling seamless and ongoing observation of at-risk patients. Hospitals can deploy this device in all patient rooms for optimal flexibility, on units that care for patients that would benefit from virtual observation, or in various locations throughout the hospital to best align with strategic safety priorities.

Patient falls remain a significant problem for hospitals with nearly one million patient falls occurring in the United States each year. So far this year, Collette Health has prevented 23,747 falls, captured 15,898 good catches, and provided translation services in 39 different languages. The trend towards increased use of virtual observation services is evidenced by a 43% increase in logged observation hours using Collette Health compared to the same period last year.

Collette Health delivers a consistent cross-device experience with both its mobile cart and fixed system allowing care from anywhere like main corridors and thoroughfares. It also enables surveillance in areas with a higher likelihood of escalating behaviors, like emergency rooms, surgery, and ICU family waiting rooms for an added layer of security.

EMR integration feature

Collette Health’s new EMR integration feature enables information from virtual observation to be seamlessly incorporated into the patient record without additional effort from clinicians or observers. This information includes details about patient risk, experience, and recovery and provides patient insights that are important to the ongoing plan of care.

This streamlines the flow of information between care team members and drives timely, data-driven decisions to support optimal patient outcomes.

AI and ML enabled “follow patient” feature

Collette Health uses a strategic and human-enabled application of AI and machine learning (ML) with its new “follow patient” feature. This functionality ensures a patient doesn’t disappear from view while a virtual observer is engaged with another patient. It also empowers observers to effectively watch more patients without reducing outcomes by automating the repositioning of the camera when patients are mobile. 

These technologies serve as aids to enhance patient care. Collette Health’s commitment to human-centric AI ensures patients’ and clinicians’ safety and well-being.

AONL demonstrations

Collette Health will be exhibiting and demonstrating its platform at the AONL Conference in New Orleans, April 9-10. Visit booth #549 to learn more about these new enhancements and how Collette Health is mitigating risks and impacting the patient and clinician experience. Or, click here for a demo.

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